Video Marketing Tips

High Quality Video – First of all produce a high quality video, not just some automated article to video conversion. Have the human viewer in mind. It is best to appear on camera yourself to build trust, but you could also do high quality presentations with screen capture software such as CamStudio or Camtasia. The better the video, the more people will ‘like' and comment on it to help with SEO.

YouTube SEO – Do SEO on your YouTube video just like you would do on a normal article or blog post. Put your keyword as the very first words in the tittle and the description (followed by the URL) and include a keyword targeted description of at least 300 words with relevant long tail keyword variations added in. Also put your keywords and other relevant terms in the “tags” section.

Call To Action – Click through rates in YouTube videos can be quite low, so it is important to specifically tell the visitor to click your link. Do this by saying this within the video audio as well as use the YouTube annotation options to hammer this message home.