Generating traffic on the internet can be done in 2 ways: free traffic and paid traffic.

Free traffic is slow at first and takes time to build up, but can really snowball with consistent action.

The sales conversion rates are also likely to be higher with free traffic because it is “warm traffic”.

Warm traffic is naturally more “pre-sold” on your offer before they see it due to have first consumed a piece of your content (blog post, video, social media update etc.) before being directed to the sales page.

Paid traffic is faster and easier to get than free traffic, but it is “cold traffic” since the visitors do not already know who you are.

As a result the sales conversions are likely to be lower with paid traffic than with free traffic.

But when you have a winning campaign (are quickly breaking even and predictably making a profit after a certain period of time) then it can be scaled-up in a way that free traffic cannot.

We recommend to combine both free and paid traffic for a consistent stream of visitors to your website, and to keep testing and tracking which sources work best for you.

Free Traffic

One of the best ways to build up a steady stream of traffic and leads is by posting regular content to YouTube and your own blog.

Create lots of different videos around lots of different keyword variations related to what you are promoting. And in each video provide a call to action to click your link in the video description to visit your website (lead capture page).

Then embed that same video to a post on your blog, tweak the heading (to target a slightly different keyword)

YouTube Video Marketing



Paid Traffic

Traffic For Me

This is a solo ads broker with access to big email list owners  in the major niches including internet marketing, business opportunity, weight loss, and personal development.

They have tested the traffic beforehand to ensure it is of high quality and the buyer of traffic is therefore taking less of a risk than if they were to buy traffic directly from a solo ads marketplace.

This is a popular source of traffic for people involved in online network marketing opportunities. However, this traffic can also work well for general affiliate marketing and online business related training products.

The traffic comes from banner ads rather than email ads, and therefore the visitors can be more responsive via email follow-up since they are not already on lots of email lists as they would be from solo ads email traffic.

The company also tests these media buys with their own offers before brokering the clicks to their customers to buy.

Niche Email Newsletters

Make a list of websites that have an audience that is likely to be interested in the product that you are marketing.

Then visit each of these sites and scroll to the bottom of the page to see if they have an advertising section for you to buy email advertising (or banner ads etc.) from them.

You can also email each of these websites directly to see if they will sell you a solo ad in order to advertise your business (via your lead capture page) via their email newsletter.

You can also research companies that have email advertising for sale via: