Internet Marketing Sales Funnel Template

* Simple Squeeze Page (lead capture page) – This first step in a sales funnel is to drive traffic to a lead capture page to capture email addresses. Less is more with lead capture pages. Just offer an enticing benefit driven heading, a sub heading, and the email submit form. Videos can sometimes help build trust but are not essential. Don't try and sell on the squeeze page, just get the email address. Offering a free gift is often a good bribe to make!

* Low Cost Front End Product – When someone opts-in to your squeeze page then it is a good idea to make them see a paid offer straight away so you can recoup your advertising costs. I would keep this product at $27 or less and make it a great deal so it has high conversions.

* Downsell – If the visitor declines to buy the low cost one time offer (OTO) product then take away some of the features and offer them a slightly stripped down version of the product for a discounted price.

* Upsell – For the people that say yes to your front end product, then offer them an upgrade with lots of more features for a slightly higher price. Quite a few will go for this.

You can have multiple upsells and downsell levels for each product to try and squeeze out every possible bit of money from your visitors….but be careful not to annoy people too much!

* Exit Pop – When someone does not even enter in their email address on your squeeze page then use exit splash software to divert them to another offer. This can either be another lead capture page or a low cost product. Then you can use that money to recoup your paid advertising costs.

* Thank You Page Banners – Make sure you put lots of banners on your Thank You pages. These can be banners for other products that you own or for affiliate products. There are lots of places for you to put these Thank You pages. This includes the download page of your free gift as well as the one time offer product download pages. You can also have a thank you page for people who say no to all your upsells and downsells.

It is best to sell your own products to build your own buyers list on the sales funnel….but you can just grab hold of Master Resell Rights (MRR) or PLR products for this (as long as they are excellent quality).

I recommend that you “plug in” to an existing high converting sales funnel template so that you only have to do one thing: drive traffic.