How To Rank On The Front Page Of Google

Longtail Keyword Research – Do keyword research and pick a nice look tail keyword to target in your content. Google instant search suggestions will help with this. For example, if you want to target the keyword “get traffic blogging” you could use a phrase such as “how to get traffic blogging online” for some nice additional lower competition keyword traffic in addition to your main keyword.Integrate this long tail keyword into your content.

The title, first sentence, and last sentence are themost important places to put your keyword. Don't go overboard with things.

Backlinks – Now it is time to send backlinks to your content. But you do not need to go overboard and blast your articles with backlinks as Google might get a bit annoyed at that! Instead, focus on doing more high quality backlinking in the form of guest posts and manual backlinks as you write new content.

Social Triggers – Google likes to see social triggers nowadays as it decides which content to rank on the front page. It is not just about backlinks. So I would say look at getting lots of Facebook likes,Twitter shares, and Reddit bookmarkings to help get some social “Buzz” surrounding your content.