How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

Blogging and Article Marketing for SEO Traffic – In terms of free traffic from writing content, I prefer to maintain a consistent output of fresh new articles and blog posts as opposed to just writing a few posts for major keywords that I then try to rank on Google. I think it is a better investment of time to write lots and lots of content around longtail keywords than just sending backlinks to one article in the hope Google will rank it on page 1.

YouTube Video Marketing – YouTube is a great way to get more visitors to your website for free. A YouTube video is so much easier to rank on Google than your own blog post. This is because Google owns YouTube so gives them priority. So for each keyword targeted blog post or article that you do, also look to create an SEO optimized YouTube video and aim to rank that on Google as well.

Social Media Marketing – When you write a new blog post, don't just sit around waiting for SEO traffic to kick in: get it out there via social media. Share the link via Facebook, Twitter and Reddit as well as other bookmarking and syndication sites for that initial boost of backlinks and traffic.