E-Farming Profits by Igor Kheifets

E-Farming Profits by Igor Kheifets is a new online business program that is currently being sold via a webinar presentation.

This webinar appears on various different websites such as Internet List Building Lifestyle and different Igor domains setup to track the funnel via various advertising sources.

Rather than an E-Farming review post, this page is more taking a look at the specific method that is being used to generate the E-Farm profits and whether it is something new or just the same rehashed tactics and strategies most other product launches tend to use.

It looks really cool, and you can get official access via this link here

In the webinar presentation, the E-Farming term is used to refer to the ability of celebrities and social media influences to make money by recommending products to their followers.

These recommendations are made via the list they build with their following, preferably be collecting email addresses via opt-in forms.

Although some big influencers on sites such as Instagram and Twitter will post the sponsored ad recommendation within a post on the platform itself.

But the way the customer to this system will be able to recommend products like this is by buying advertising in order to build their own email list.

This is the standard approach of buying solo ads to send clicks to a lead capture page (squeeze page) and then to send out affiliate promotions over time to that list via email broadcasts.

But the users of E-Farming Profits are not going to be influencers themselves in the traditional social media celebrity sense, but will simply be an affiliate marketer with their own mailing list.

This approach of buying online biz traffic to build a list to promote affiliate offers to, does work and is very powerful when you can generate 100+ clicks per day to a sales page of your choosing.

But it is not something new, and is just an evergreen method that is re-packaged with a new unique hook on the sales page.

What does appear to be new, however, is it looks like Igor will help his clients brand themselves with their own funnel pages.

I have seen funnel pages where both Igor and the guest client are both listed as the people presenting the webinar. This way Igor his lending is credibility to the newbie affiliate marketer in order to help improve sales conversion rates.

Also, members are likely to discover lesser know affiliate traffic sources that venture beyond the typical approach of only buying solo ads from vendors on Udimi.

It appears some clients even create their own Cost Per Lead (CPL) program on affiliate networks where they pay per subscriber to be added to their email list.

So despite being based around the well known affiliate marketing list building strategy, there does seem to be enough unique twists to E-Farming Profits to separate it from the typical “buy solo ads to a squeeze page” program.