Click Into Wealth Review (Pushing One Button)

As you go onto the website of Click Into Wealth you are greeted to a hard-hitting sales headline, a video presentation, and an opt-in box where you can go to the next page and complete the purchase of the Click Into Wealth system.

In this blog post review we will take a quick look at this process to help you make your mind about whether this is worth giving a go or not.

The headline claims that people have made upwards of $24,000 simply by clicking one button with this system! That sounds a bit outlandish to me, so take these claims with a pinch of salt.

The sales video presentation then goes through a story that is read out by a voice over artist. You don't really get to know whom is behind the system as they use a pen name as the system creator. The whole thing is not very transparent.

They are also very vague about how the money is made with the Click Into Wealth System.

I think the reason for keeping it vague is that it improves that sales conversion rate as some people will just buy the product in order to discover the method that is used.

Where as if they revealed the method that is used in the video, then some people may think it sounds too complicated or give themselves a reason not to proceed with the system.

So the less information that is given, the less reasons are given to the visitor for talking themselves out of making the purchase.

As part of this blog post, I can reveal that the method used to supposedly generation all this money is: affiliate marketing.

This is the process of creating websites and landing pages in order to promote the products of vendors on the internet.

You do not need to have anything to sell yourself with affiliate marketing, but simply do advertising to generate visitors on the internet and then divert those visitors to the sales page of someone else's product.

If a purchase is then made, then you earn a commission for the sale.

So whilst the outlandish income claims made on this sales page are going to be out of reach of the typical beginner, the affiliate marketing technique itself is a legitimate one.

After watching the video, the visitor can proceed to the checkout page by entering their email address into the form and hitting the button.

On the checkout page they explain that you will get instant access to the members area with the training and traffic generation methods presented to you.

They go over a number of bonuses on offer for the program as well, which includes a free welcome kit and 6 traffic generation systems.

They employ are number of hard selling tricks as part of the checkout page as well this includes discounted being offered if you try to click away from the page.

This is to try and capture as many front end customer sales as possible, so that they can then upsell more expensive products to those same customers.

In summary of this review of the Click Into Wealth system, it seems a bit hyped-up and lacking in transparency for my liking. However, at the same time the affiliate marketing business model is one that is well worth learning about.