Is Capture Your Wealth Legit? (My System Review)

My Capture Your Wealth review sees if this is a legit website and what method the system actually uses.

Is Capture Your Wealth Legit?

Capture Your Wealth may help customers get started with dropshipping, but newbies will struggle to see the results shown on the website.

I recently did this YouTube Capture Your Wealth review and go through what I do and don't like the look of on the Capture Your Wealth system website.

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Secret Millionaire Bot

Secret Millionaire Bot is an information product in the Internet Marketing section of Digistore24.

There are a number of reviews for Secret Millionaire Bot on the official website, but it is hard to very whether these are legitimate or not as you can't click through to the social media sites they were supposedly posted on.

Secret Millionaire Bot review videos have been posted on YouTube, however, which paint a more negative picture of this product.

Secret Millionaire Bot red flags are discussed in this next video:

This YouTube suspects fake Secret Millionaire Bot testimonials being used:

And this Secret Millionaire Bot review even looks inside the members area:


For more positive Secret Millionaire Bot review snippets, you can visit the official website at

But as already mentioned, these are just screen shots of reviews on Facebook.

The Secret Millionaire Bot review customers also look like they are fake names, using stock images. Either way, it is hard to very these are legitimate users of the Secret Millionaire Bot product on Digistore24.

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Big Money Connection Review

Big Money Connection is a business opportunity created by Jeff Dorsey to help people make $500 a day by doing very little work.

As you look for Big Money Connection reviews online to see if this is the real deal or too good to be true, there are a few things that we would like to point out with this program.

Without needing to review Big Money Connection in full, we can immediately tell that the $500 per day income claim is very much too good to be true.

Sure, some people online are going to be generating decent commissions.

But for the typical beginner, that is setting unrealistic expectations and is not the sort of things that is going to be achieved by purchasing a $49 business opportunity on the internet.

Big Money Connection Review – The Business Model

Big Money Connection is an online business opportunity from Jeff Dorsey focused on the dropshipping business model.

Most reviews that we do for new opportunities tend to involve affiliate marketing programs where the user is taught how to build an email list by buying solo ads.

So this does make a nice change from most offers to hit the marketplace.

So what is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the process of selling physical products on the internet, without actually having to handle the product stock yourself.

You put up these items for sale using an ecommerce store.

And then when someone comes along to make the purchase, you fulfill the order by buying the product yourself from a dropshipping company.

And then you tell the company to ship the item directly to your customer.

The profit that is made is the difference between the money you received from your customer and the amount you pay the dropshipping company to deliver the order.

Big Money Connection by Jeff Dorsey will provide the link between yourself and dropshipping companies that can fulfill these orders for you.

Also, the program will provide training on how to setup your own ecommerce stores in order to actually make the sales in the first place.

Big Money Connection is sold via quite a hard hitting sales video.

This may put some people off as it is full of hype.

But this hyped-up, hard-selling approach does tend to convert into sales quite well and that is why a lot of new business opportunities have a video like this.

The front page claims there are only a limited amount of spaces remaining. This is likely to be fake scarcity in order to rush you into making a purchase.

The program is still likely to be up and running if you first have a think about it and then return to the same page in a few days time.

Jeff Dorsey's Big Money Connection Review

Also, a quick internet search on Jeff Dorsey and dropshipping does not reveal much information.

That makes me think it could be a pen-name that has been created to sell the opportunity, rather than being a well known coach in the digital marketing space.

Many programs do this. They take a stock photo and attach a fake name to the creator of the system.

That is usually a red flag warning sign to look out for.

The better programs tend to be created by a well known coach with a big social media presence, and someone who is not afraid to get their face out there with interviews and podcasts etc.

Hopefully this Big Money Connection review helped you out in your research & due diligence stage of you online entrepreneurial ventures.

Whatever business model you give a go, it is not going to result in an immediate $500/day like this sales page tries to imply.

It takes a bit of time to find your feet and discovering which methods and strategies work best for you and your particular skill set.

Dropshipping is a good business model to learn more about, but whether Big Money Connection is the best way to get started with it remains to be seen.

What Is Endeavor Hosting?

Endeavor Hosting is the web hosting provider of choice for the newly launched 5K in 5 Days business opportunity.

Some web hosting providers tend to market themselves specifically towards beginners getting started with affiliate marketing and online business opportunities. And this looks likely to be the case with this service.

By checking out for $97 via the Explodely digital retailer, customers will receive web hosting to use for their new website.

If the customer came through an affiliate marketing sales funnel, then it is the creator of that affiliate system that will be helping with the upload of the site to the new hosting account.

That is quite an interesting twist to an online business opportunity.

Instead of selling their own product, the system is provided for free as a thank you to customers who purchase the Endeavor Hosting package from their affiliate link.

They will be making the money through that affiliate commission, rather than the sale of their own product, as is the case with 5K in 5 Days.

So what do you get with the hosting package?

Here are the features discussed via their website homepage:

  • Site builder
  • Templates suitable for mobile devices
  • Unlimited add-on domains
  • Email addresses with each website
  • Includes a free domain name

The cost is $97 Per Year.

On the company homepage, they also list 3 separate packages at different price points:

  • Cloud for $37/Year
  • Shared For $47/Year
  • Dedicated For $97/Year

However, on the site the list features below each price point are exactly the same which seems a bit strange.

The features each product level offers include:

  • 1 WordPress install
  • Up to 25,000 website clicks / visitors
  • 10GB storage space
  • Free migrations from existing websites/hosting
  • SSL (security certificate) and content delivery network (CDN) included
  • 60 Day refund period

In summary, Endeavor Hosting seems to tick all the main boxes for what someone will look for in a web hosting provider.

It does seem to be a hosting provider of choice that online business opportunities will use to host their turnkey websites and systems on.

5K in 5 Days Review

Noah is the pen name used on the 5K in 5 Days system sales page to entice newbies to give this new business opportunity a try.

5K in 5 Days is a product in the “make money online” niche that funnels people into purchasing web hosting via Endeavor Hosting.

This is a unique approach to a new product launch in this space.

So instead of promoting a system that is accessed via a membership area, Noah is giving away the system for free in exchange for you buying the Endeavor Hosting package as part of this sales process.

So how does Noah make money with 5K in 5 Days?

The answer is with: affiliate marketing.

When someone purchases the $97 Endeavor Hosting package via the Explodely checkout page, the system creator will earn an affiliate commission.

In many cases this affiliate commission will be quite a bit more than the initial cost of the service in the first place.

That is because hosting vendors can offer additional upsells to their customers in order to enhance their total lifetime customer value.

And then once this hosting package has been activated, the 5K in 5 Days team will set you up with your own affiliate marketing system that is hosted with that same service.

The system is going to be turnkey websites that can be used in order to try and generate website traffic with, that can then in turn be used to promote affiliate offers to.

But does it actually work?

The sales page at makes it sound like a guaranteed profit level will be reached simply by activating the website after purchasing the $97 product.

They make it sound like it is already making money for you!

But that is too good to be true.

What will happen, is that the tools and websites that have the potential to generate an income online will be provided.

But most newbies will struggle to turn this into any results.

That is because ongoing effort is needed in order to learn how to do marketing and to improve your strategies over time until you finally start gaining some traction.

Different advertising sources will need to be tested out and this costs money before results are seen.

Also, any free marketing in the form of search engine optimization via your own WordPress blog will take time before Google starts sending you traffic.

Regular blog posts will need to be published over a number of months, before Google starts to see your website as a legitimate source of information that it can start referring people to.

So the typical user of the system is not going to be getting the kind of results that the sales page testimonials refer to.

At least not right from the start.

But it is a clever way to get people into internet marketing. Instead of selling a product, they are giving a free system away in exchange for setting up a web hosting account.

Another thing worth pointing out is the one-time price of $97 to activate web hosting sounds a bit high compared to other competitors in the hosting industry.

That is because they are getting customers to purchase their highest cost package, with all the advanced features and bells and whistles.

The typical beginner is not going to need all those resources though because their website will not be generating that much traffic as it is starting out.

So it does seem a bit of overselling on web hosting, when they are likely to be cheaper starter packages available from other companies.

It would be nice to see a choice of which package to go for, with trial periods, and the ability to pay monthly instead of yearly provided.

E-Farming Profits by Igor Kheifets

E-Farming Profits by Igor Kheifets is a new online business program that is currently being sold via a webinar presentation.

This webinar appears on various different websites such as Internet List Building Lifestyle and different Igor domains setup to track the funnel via various advertising sources.

Rather than an E-Farming review post, this page is more taking a look at the specific method that is being used to generate the E-Farm profits and whether it is something new or just the same rehashed tactics and strategies most other product launches tend to use.

It looks really cool, and you can get official access via this link here

In the webinar presentation, the E-Farming term is used to refer to the ability of celebrities and social media influences to make money by recommending products to their followers.

These recommendations are made via the list they build with their following, preferably be collecting email addresses via opt-in forms.

Although some big influencers on sites such as Instagram and Twitter will post the sponsored ad recommendation within a post on the platform itself.

But the way the customer to this system will be able to recommend products like this is by buying advertising in order to build their own email list.

This is the standard approach of buying solo ads to send clicks to a lead capture page (squeeze page) and then to send out affiliate promotions over time to that list via email broadcasts.

But the users of E-Farming Profits are not going to be influencers themselves in the traditional social media celebrity sense, but will simply be an affiliate marketer with their own mailing list.

This approach of buying online biz traffic to build a list to promote affiliate offers to, does work and is very powerful when you can generate 100+ clicks per day to a sales page of your choosing.

But it is not something new, and is just an evergreen method that is re-packaged with a new unique hook on the sales page.

What does appear to be new, however, is it looks like Igor will help his clients brand themselves with their own funnel pages.

I have seen funnel pages where both Igor and the guest client are both listed as the people presenting the webinar. This way Igor his lending is credibility to the newbie affiliate marketer in order to help improve sales conversion rates.

Also, members are likely to discover lesser know affiliate traffic sources that venture beyond the typical approach of only buying solo ads from vendors on Udimi.

It appears some clients even create their own Cost Per Lead (CPL) program on affiliate networks where they pay per subscriber to be added to their email list.

So despite being based around the well known affiliate marketing list building strategy, there does seem to be enough unique twists to E-Farming Profits to separate it from the typical “buy solo ads to a squeeze page” program.

5 Step Formula (Biz by David Humphries)

David Humphries' 5 Step Formula is a new online biz system that is currently doing the rounds in the various marketing campaigns being put out in internet land right now.

This review of 5 Step Formula takes a look at the new program and offers our insights about what this may entail and whether it is worth giving a go or giving a miss.

It is hard to figure out what has been put together with this online business and determine how the money is made.

It does appear that affiliate marketing is the strategy being used with, like most of these recent product launches.

But the way the sales page describes the product, they try to make it sound like something else. They say it does not include Amazon, posting ads, Facebook or even Clickbank (even though they show Clickbank income proof screenshots on the sales page!).

What it does look like is one of those systems where you buy traffic using solo ads, divert the traffic to one of their “money pages”, and then promote affiliate offers with those visitors.

It is a list building system where you use email solo ads to acquire these subscribers. There also appears to be an multi-tiered approach to the list building where 1 in every 5 subscribers generated by your team members is passed-on to you.

But in order for these pass-ups to kick in, you are going to be dependent on other people actually taking action and generating their own leads to the system.

In this review of the 5 Step Formula Biz, we see that the product is a low one-time fee of just $7.

They even say they don't have any upsells.

But the main way they make money from you on the backend is by selling traffic packages to you that you buy in order to get visitors to your “money pages”. Some of these traffic packages are very expensive, so they are still essentially quite high ticket upsells.

Despite the hype on the sales page, this is actually a legitimate method. And list building is an effective strategy to use with affiliate marketing as then you can get to the stage where you can send out a few marketing emails to generate commissions when you want to.

However, solo ads traffic can be quite low quality. These people already tend to be subscribed to lots of other lists and so get bombarded daily with emails from lots of different marketers.

It can be very hard to get noticed in all the noise.

As a result, it is worth adding additional less competitive list building strategies into the mix with your online business.

Visitors generated with the likes of YouTube and blogging on your own website are likely to be much easier to convert into sales.

Whether you decide to give the 5 Step Formula business by David Humphries a go or not, hopefully this review post has given you a few things to consider.

Click Into Wealth Review (Pushing One Button)

As you go onto the website of Click Into Wealth you are greeted to a hard-hitting sales headline, a video presentation, and an opt-in box where you can go to the next page and complete the purchase of the Click Into Wealth system.

In this blog post review we will take a quick look at this process to help you make your mind about whether this is worth giving a go or not.

The headline claims that people have made upwards of $24,000 simply by clicking one button with this system! That sounds a bit outlandish to me, so take these claims with a pinch of salt.

The sales video presentation then goes through a story that is read out by a voice over artist. You don't really get to know whom is behind the system as they use a pen name as the system creator. The whole thing is not very transparent.

They are also very vague about how the money is made with the Click Into Wealth System.

I think the reason for keeping it vague is that it improves that sales conversion rate as some people will just buy the product in order to discover the method that is used.

Where as if they revealed the method that is used in the video, then some people may think it sounds too complicated or give themselves a reason not to proceed with the system.

So the less information that is given, the less reasons are given to the visitor for talking themselves out of making the purchase.

As part of this blog post, I can reveal that the method used to supposedly generation all this money is: affiliate marketing.

This is the process of creating websites and landing pages in order to promote the products of vendors on the internet.

You do not need to have anything to sell yourself with affiliate marketing, but simply do advertising to generate visitors on the internet and then divert those visitors to the sales page of someone else's product.

If a purchase is then made, then you earn a commission for the sale.

So whilst the outlandish income claims made on this sales page are going to be out of reach of the typical beginner, the affiliate marketing technique itself is a legitimate one.

After watching the video, the visitor can proceed to the checkout page by entering their email address into the form and hitting the button.

On the checkout page they explain that you will get instant access to the members area with the training and traffic generation methods presented to you.

They go over a number of bonuses on offer for the program as well, which includes a free welcome kit and 6 traffic generation systems.

They employ are number of hard selling tricks as part of the checkout page as well this includes discounted being offered if you try to click away from the page.

This is to try and capture as many front end customer sales as possible, so that they can then upsell more expensive products to those same customers.

In summary of this review of the Click Into Wealth system, it seems a bit hyped-up and lacking in transparency for my liking. However, at the same time the affiliate marketing business model is one that is well worth learning about.