Big Money Connection Review

Big Money Connection is a business opportunity created by Jeff Dorsey to help people make $500 a day by doing very little work.

As you look for Big Money Connection reviews online to see if this is the real deal or too good to be true, there are a few things that we would like to point out with this program.

Without needing to review Big Money Connection in full, we can immediately tell that the $500 per day income claim is very much too good to be true.

Sure, some people online are going to be generating decent commissions.

But for the typical beginner, that is setting unrealistic expectations and is not the sort of things that is going to be achieved by purchasing a $49 business opportunity on the internet.

Big Money Connection Review – The Business Model

Big Money Connection is an online business opportunity from Jeff Dorsey focused on the dropshipping business model.

Most reviews that we do for new opportunities tend to involve affiliate marketing programs where the user is taught how to build an email list by buying solo ads.

So this does make a nice change from most offers to hit the marketplace.

So what is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the process of selling physical products on the internet, without actually having to handle the product stock yourself.

You put up these items for sale using an ecommerce store.

And then when someone comes along to make the purchase, you fulfill the order by buying the product yourself from a dropshipping company.

And then you tell the company to ship the item directly to your customer.

The profit that is made is the difference between the money you received from your customer and the amount you pay the dropshipping company to deliver the order.

Big Money Connection by Jeff Dorsey will provide the link between yourself and dropshipping companies that can fulfill these orders for you.

Also, the program will provide training on how to setup your own ecommerce stores in order to actually make the sales in the first place.

Big Money Connection is sold via quite a hard hitting sales video.

This may put some people off as it is full of hype.

But this hyped-up, hard-selling approach does tend to convert into sales quite well and that is why a lot of new business opportunities have a video like this.

The front page claims there are only a limited amount of spaces remaining. This is likely to be fake scarcity in order to rush you into making a purchase.

The program is still likely to be up and running if you first have a think about it and then return to the same page in a few days time.

Jeff Dorsey's Big Money Connection Review

Also, a quick internet search on Jeff Dorsey and dropshipping does not reveal much information.

That makes me think it could be a pen-name that has been created to sell the opportunity, rather than being a well known coach in the digital marketing space.

Many programs do this. They take a stock photo and attach a fake name to the creator of the system.

That is usually a red flag warning sign to look out for.

The better programs tend to be created by a well known coach with a big social media presence, and someone who is not afraid to get their face out there with interviews and podcasts etc.

Hopefully this Big Money Connection review helped you out in your research & due diligence stage of you online entrepreneurial ventures.

Whatever business model you give a go, it is not going to result in an immediate $500/day like this sales page tries to imply.

It takes a bit of time to find your feet and discovering which methods and strategies work best for you and your particular skill set.

Dropshipping is a good business model to learn more about, but whether Big Money Connection is the best way to get started with it remains to be seen.