5 Step Formula (Biz by David Humphries)

David Humphries' 5 Step Formula is a new online biz system that is currently doing the rounds in the various marketing campaigns being put out in internet land right now.

This review of 5 Step Formula takes a look at the new program and offers our insights about what this may entail and whether it is worth giving a go or giving a miss.

It is hard to figure out what has been put together with this online business and determine how the money is made.

It does appear that affiliate marketing is the strategy being used with 5StepFormula.biz, like most of these recent product launches.

But the way the sales page describes the product, they try to make it sound like something else. They say it does not include Amazon, posting ads, Facebook or even Clickbank (even though they show Clickbank income proof screenshots on the sales page!).

What it does look like is one of those systems where you buy traffic using solo ads, divert the traffic to one of their “money pages”, and then promote affiliate offers with those visitors.

It is a list building system where you use email solo ads to acquire these subscribers. There also appears to be an multi-tiered approach to the list building where 1 in every 5 subscribers generated by your team members is passed-on to you.

But in order for these pass-ups to kick in, you are going to be dependent on other people actually taking action and generating their own leads to the system.

In this review of the 5 Step Formula Biz, we see that the product is a low one-time fee of just $7.

They even say they don't have any upsells.

But the main way they make money from you on the backend is by selling traffic packages to you that you buy in order to get visitors to your “money pages”. Some of these traffic packages are very expensive, so they are still essentially quite high ticket upsells.

Despite the hype on the sales page, this is actually a legitimate method. And list building is an effective strategy to use with affiliate marketing as then you can get to the stage where you can send out a few marketing emails to generate commissions when you want to.

However, solo ads traffic can be quite low quality. These people already tend to be subscribed to lots of other lists and so get bombarded daily with emails from lots of different marketers.

It can be very hard to get noticed in all the noise.

As a result, it is worth adding additional less competitive list building strategies into the mix with your online business.

Visitors generated with the likes of YouTube and blogging on your own website are likely to be much easier to convert into sales.

Whether you decide to give the 5 Step Formula business by David Humphries a go or not, hopefully this review post has given you a few things to consider.