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adam_photoHello from London! And welcome to

Hey, I’m Adam and I am a full-time online entrepreneur from London, UK!

This site is all about sharing my online journey with you.

And about how I can help you see success in your online business..

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My Online Journey

I first started internet marketing nearly 2 and a half years ago now. It has been quite a journey!

Before I got into online marketing I had a career as an Electronic Engineer (I have a Degree and Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering).

But then I quit that job to pursue an acting career!

So it was internet marketing that I wanted to act as my modern day version of the stereotypical actor day job!

But I ended-up putting more effort into my online business than my acting!

I first experimented with ranking mini affiliate review sites with SEO and managed to see a bit of success.

But it was inconsistent and I made one big mistake: I did not build an email list.

Focus & Direction

So after 2 years of failing at acting and failing at internet marketing, I said enough is enough.

And started to focus.

With no email list, no credibility, and hardly any money in the bank…I started to make it happen..


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No magic loopholes or secret strategies.

Just good old fashioned hard word….driving traffic…generating leads & building a list…monetizing with a sales funnel. Day in and day out.

Fast forward a number of months and I am making a full-time income online..

And at the age of 28, I made it to the USA for the first time in my entire life!

I even went to Hollywood .

So I can say “I Made It To Hollywood!”

…but not as an actor…as an online entrepreneur…

It is very cool to say that online marketing is what I do for a living….and things are only just getting started!

I love what I do.

And you can do this too.  Anyone can. (With hard work of course!)

I am here to help you breakthrough.

Whatever stage you are at as part of your online journey..

I look forward to making contact, providing tons of value, and sharing our experiences along this mystical, crazy journey that is the online business world.


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