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Hey! Adam Harding here from WebTrafficToolkit.com, calling from London...

I am currently one of the top affiliates for a system called Plug-In Profit Site, and you might well have already seen me up there on the affiliate leaderboads for several of those programs!

And after earning a full-time income online for a few years now with my online marketing and list building (getting around 100 to 200 leads per day) I am excited to announce that I am taking things to the next level and I invite you to join me as part of Team WUKAR and the DubLi Network Dream Team.

The most exciting thing is this: 1. This is going mainstream with the consumer oriented offering, and 2. it is something that anyone can duplicate without needing the ability to generate lots of traffic online / have an email list etc.

All is explained below!

Any questions? Email Me: info (at) webtraffictoolkit (dot) com

I don't like hype, but this is BIG.


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 Team WUKAR Google Hangout

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NOTE: The minimum requirement to become a Dubli Business Associate is $99 + $495 (one-time), but the level I recommend (and have joined at myself) is the Team Leader Accelerator (TLA) at $2475 one-time. This gives you higher commission rates and much more benefits in our SEO rotator as explained below.

*NEW BONUS*: You will also get a 2nd BONUS Co-op rotator as part of the DubLi Dream Team when you join me at Team Leader Accelerator (TLA) Level: Click Here For 2nd Co-Op Bonus

WUKAR SEO Rotator Explained

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*NEW BONUS*: You will also get a 2nd BONUS Co-op rotator as part of the DubLi Dream Team when you join me at Team Leader Accelerator (TLA) Level: Click Here For 2nd Co-Op Bonus

Meet The Team WUKAR SEO Genius!

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How much does it cost?

To become a DubLi Network Business Associate the minimum requirement is to get a business license ($99) and a $495 VIP Voucher Package = $594 one-time payment.

But the level that I joined at, and that I recommend you to do as well, is a Team Leader Accelerator (TLA).

This is a $2475 one-time payment (although I had to pay that in Euros as I am from the UK!).

As a TLA ($2475 option) you also get sent Business Opportunity traffic from the SEO Rotator to help build your downline and earn additional commissions that way as well as get consumers. At the $594 level, you just get consumer only traffic from the rotator and are at a lower commissions rate.

Is it a one-time or a monthly payment?

The start-up costs (either $594 or $2475) are one-time payments.

There is also a requirement to pay an ongoing $99/month lisence fee from month 2. This will also get you 1 additional VIP Voucher which is commisionable.

How does the SEO Rotator Work?

In exchange for doing daily tasks you get sent traffic to your Dubli link from the SEO Rotator. They close the sales for members. The more work you put in the more traffic you get from the rotator.

These are basic tasks such as creating YouTube accounts etc. that contribute to the SEO traffic project of the overall traffic generated from Team WUKAR. No technical skills are needed to do these tasks, and you are shown simple video tutorials.

What is the compensation plan?

Basically, you earn a percentage of the cashback that consumers get when they make online purchases via the Dubli portal. You get a higher percentage of this the higher your rank as a business associate. You also generate a portion of cashback commissions made by people in your downline.

You generate 5% commissions by referring others to the business opportunity package at the basic level, and 10% commissions at the TLA level.

You also get a $1500 one-time bonus for every 3 x TLA members that you refer within a 30 day time period.

Here is a video explaining the DubLi Network compensation plan in more detail:

Any other questions?

Email Me: info (at) webtraffictoolkit (dot) com

>> Click Here To Join Dubli & Team WUKAR! <<

>>> And then...Click Here To Claim Your 2nd BONUS Co-Op Rotator Position as part of the DubLi Network Dream Team (you will be on both Team WUKAR and Dream Team!) when you join at Team Leader Accelerator (TLA) level.

DISCLAIMER: There are NO guarantees of income. Any examples of results are NOT typical. Your results depend 100% on your own efforts & skills.

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